Play Quadegories!

Quadegories is an extremely challenging, clue-based trivia game that works the brain's executive funtion. The most successful players are able to discover surprising connections between seemingly disparate things.

The goal is to guess the 'common denominator' in a list of four items.

For example, for clues,
  1. Nautilus
  2. Cockle
  3. Cawrie
  4. Conch
the Quadegory is Shells.

Each Quadegory comes with an interesting fact!

To Play with a Group: Construct teams or play individually. One player can be designated as the reader or the players can rotate serving as reader each round. At the beginning of each round the reader gets a new set of four clues, and reads each, one at a time. Between clues the reader counts to 5 on their hand.

At any time during each round, players still in the game may make ONE attempt at the correct answer. A player receives the number of points corresponding to the clue that is given directly before the correct guess. An incorrect answer results in zero points and elimination from the round. The round continues until one player either guesses correctly (winning points) or is eliminated from that round by providing an incorrect answer

To any guess there are only three possible responses the reader can give: CORRECT, INCORRECT or BE MORE SPECIFIC. In the latter event, the player will be provided a (one time only) additional five seconds to improve the accuracy of the answer and either win the Quadegory or be eliminated from that round.

The game can end after a designated time or point total has been reached.

To Play Alone: Read the clues and whenever you are ready to guess, take a peak at the Quadegory!

To Play Scoreless: Have fun reading the clues and pay no mind to the time between each or who answers first--just have fun!

Quadegories exercises the brain’s executive function making it a valuable learning tool for teenagers and adults. Executive function allows us to:

  • Make plans
  • Stay on task
  • Keep track of more than one thing at once
  • Reference past knowledge
  • Evaluate ideas
  • Change our minds
  • Finish work on time
Find yourself forgetful? Absent minded? Unable to make the kinds of connections you’d easily make before?

You need Quadegories!

It’s like going to the gym for your brain!